Bettina Hartl

Born 1977 in Munich, Bettina Hartl studied sound engineering at the Berlin University of the Arts. She has won numerous national and international prizes on piano, viola and mandolin.


As soloist she has performed with the Helsingbørg Symphony, the Baden-Württemberg State Orchestra, the Braunschweig State Orchestra, the Magdeburg Philharmonic and other. She has been engaged to play the bandoneon part in Piazzolla‘s Tango Opera Maria de Buenos Aires in both the Berlin and Magdeburg productions in Germany. In addition, she has performed in numerous tango shows hosted by the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco as well as has taken part in the ‘Latin American Cultural Week’ in New York.


In 2005, Hartl formed the Tango quintett amortal, which specializes in music from Astor Piazzolla. The quintett has recorded several CD albums under the label BR. It has performed at the Munich Philharmonic, at the Theatre Municpal in Luxembourg and has toured Japan. 


In 2010, she began to compose pieces for the piano and then extended her compositions to included instrumental ensembles. This, in turn, led to the formation of the quintet Les Seraphines. Hartl experiments with a diversity of instruments in her compositions and in her improvisations and ancient music ‘renewals’. Her first piece for full orchestra made its debut at the Minoriten Church in Vienna in 2010 and was performed by the First Women’s Chamber Orchestra.


In 2012 she initiated the visionary forum Kaliphonium, with the aim of promoting interdisciplinary events to refresh Berlin’s society and art scene. In 2013 she started a record label and publishing house of the same name.